Generic vs Brand Drugs

Not everyone knows that the brand medications are more expensive that their analogues. Why people prefer to buy brand medications and are afraid to treat their health state with the analogous drugs? First of all, brand medications are much better advertised. Almost every medication which is advertised on the television or radio is a brand drug which costs a lot of money. Such expensive price of the original medicines may be explained by two factors.

The first is that money which was spent on the advertisement should be returned to the manufacturer and that is why the pharmaceutical corporation increases the price of a product. The process of a new drug invention is very complicated and demands time, money, a lot of scientific researchers and many experiments which should prove the efficiency of a newly invented medication. That is the second reason for the high price of a brand product.

The producers of the generic versions and analogues do not need such great amount of money, because they invent and manufacture the medications which chemical formula was invented before. They do not need to make the new experiments to find out the efficiency of a medicine. Some people may say that to be a manufacturer of the generic products is more profitable than to be an original producer of the brand medications. It can be argued by those who know about the process of the original products and their production.

First of all, the scientists who invented a new drug should prove its efficiency and principle of work to Food and Drug Administration which is a special organization that deals with the mass-production of the new medications and food products. This administration tests the quality of a product and gives a special approval which provides the possibility to launch a new medicine on the pharmaceutical market. If the original company gets approval it becomes the possibility to be the only one manufacturer of a new drug for 20 years. This is possible due to a patent that protects the rights of the original pharmaceutical corporation. Also, this patent keeps in secret the main components of the chemical formula of a new medication.

When a patent becomes invalid any pharmaceutical company can invent and manufacture an analogous generic version of a medicine which is considered to be a brand one. But to start the mass-production of a generic drug a company should get the approval of Food and Drug Administration which have the list of demands and characteristics to a generic version. A generic medication should correspond in the efficiency, principle of work, form of a pill, approximate operating time and time of duration in the human organism. The deviations of 15 % are allowed in a generic medication. If it corresponds to all the characteristics mentioned above, a company may manufacture, mass produce and export generic medications.

The example can be the invention of well-known Brand Viagra 100 mg by the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer. This medication is the great discovery in the sphere of erectile dysfunction treatment. The inventors of Sildenafil Citrate which is the chemical name of the medicine got the Nobel Prize which proves the importance of the drug in the world pharma industry. For a long time, Pfizer was a monopolist and has a right to be the only one producer of the medication. But when the company’s patent lost its validity, other pharma corporations got the possibility to invent the generic version of Viagra and improve its chemical formula.

Nowadays, there are a lot of medications which comprise Sildenafil Citrate as an active enzyme inhibitor. They are: generic Viagra, Brand Caverta, Eriacta, Kamagra, Viagra Soft, Viagra Super Active and many others. All of them possess the same efficiency and effectively treat male impotence and other problems of a sexual character. Such generic medications are more affordable and become very widespread and popular among the customers in the sphere of ED treatment.