Recently, quite often is used a word "generic", but not everyone knows what this term means. Generics are drugs that are similar to the original medications; they are much cheaper and very common in the pharmaceutical market. Their distribution is due to the low cost, which greatly increases the social value of these drugs, making treatment affordable for all segments of the population. In recent years, sales of generic drugs are greatly increased.

Generic is a copy of the original drug, so why you need to spend a lot of money, when you can buy the generic drugs? But it is not so simple as it seems, and sometimes, a copy may be substantially different from the original, for example: in composition of adjuvants.

A necessary requirement for the sale of generics is proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. The most famous brand drugs are Viagra, Brand Levitra 20mg, Cialis and they are on the pharma market for a long time. Obviously, they have a lot of generic equivalents, which contain their active ingredients.

The main reason for the low prices of generic drugs is that their production requires a much smaller expense. The prime cost of generics is lower and therefore they are sold at a lower price, and maintain profitability.

All generic drugs have one feature - in their composition are copied only active ingredients. Sometimes their concentration is higher than in the original drug, but less effective. This can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, by the development of the original drug, manufacturer is trying to improve product's quality, and in the production of generics such a task is not necessary, which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Secondly, the interaction of the active ingredient with the adjuvants. By the production of generics, their interaction is taken into account rarely.

Generic is available only after the expiry of patent protection for the original drug. If the drug on the market for 10 or more years, which of course is a proof of the efficacy and safety of generic drugs, which was made at its base, that's why generics do not need an additional advertising.

The manufacturers of generic drugs do not have expenses on testing bioequivalence and production. Generics are produced mainly in Indian companies like Ajanta Pharma, Cipla and some others. If you would like to purchase some generic drugs, we suggest you to try Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg, which is available on our website.